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Information Technology Services

Log in/out Process

Using the VoIP system you can log out of one location and then log into the new location and keep your current telephone number.

When you do this you voice mail box will transfer and will not require additional setup. You will lose your call log and contact list that resides on the phone. We recommend keeping a list of your contacts that are stored to set up in new location.

Listed below is information that can be used to log out at the current location and then log into the new location. We do ask that you notify the Helpdesk when you are moving offices so that we can log where the telephone number resides.

Logout Instructions: Select the Menu button on the phone and arrow down to the Log Out option and press the OK button. Then press the Log Out button again to confirm.

Login Instructions: The first prompt on the telephone display asks for your extension number. This is the last 5 digits of your new telephone number, i.e., if your number is 344.1234, enter 41234. At the password prompt, enter your telephone password. If you do not know your telephone password please contact the Helpdesk at 344.2518 or by email at for assistance.