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Information Technology Services

Pharos Print Management System

What is Pharos Printing?

Pharos printing is a new print management system that manages the overall printing process. The Pharos system stores print jobs in a queue at the release station until the student swipes their PirateCard to print. This helps students print only the materials they really need to print and helps reduce the waste in paper and print toner.

How much will it cost to print?

Black and white prints are $.08 per page. Color prints are currently not available in Pharos printing locations.

Will the Pharos system be installed in all campus labs?

Pharos Printing is available in the following labs:
Solms Hall 104
University Hall 112
Lane Library
Gamble Hall Writing Lab

Lab locations that will receive Pharos during the Spring semester:
Science Hall 129
Ashmore Hall 228

How do I use Pharos?

Instructions for printing to a Pharos printer can be found here.

Why do I have to enter a job name and password?

The job name will allow you to identify which of the print jobs listed in the Pharos queue belongs to you. The password prevents others from releasing your printout by mistake. It also adds a level of privacy.

What if I exceed the Pharos $8.80 credit?

If a student has used all of the Pharos dollars within the given semester, the Pharos system will begin charging their Pirate Cash account on their PirateCard.

How can I add Pirate Cash to my PirateCard?

Instructions for adding money to your PirateCard can be found on the PirateCard site, by contacting the PirateCard office at 912.344.3292, or by email at

What if I lose my PirateCard?

Information about lost or stolen cards can be located on the PirateCard site, by contacting the PirateCard office at 912.344.3292, or by email at

Need Help?

Issues using the new Pharos service should be directed to the IT Services Helpdesk if a lab assistant is not present. Contact the IT Services Helpdesk via email at or call 912.344.2518.