Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia.

Information Technology Services

College of Science and Technology Student Server Information

What is COST Student Server?

Students enrolled in one of several ITEC or CSCI courses may be required to complete some coursework using web-students. Each student enrolled in one of these courses by the end of the drop/add period for the semester will have an account created and will be able to access this server by using his or her Port username and password.

How does one connect to the COST Student Server to complete work or upload content?

Depending on the course in which students are enrolled, access to web-students is gained using sftp or ssh shell. Windows users should download and install the SSH Secure Shell Client. Mac users with shell access can connect by typing in a terminal window 'ssh< username >' . Mac users with rssh access can download FileZilla. NOTE: FileZilla must be configured to use sftp to connect to the server successfully.

What's the URL at which one can view work on the web?

"< username >"

How long will course content remain on the COST Student Server?

Students will need to copy any work saved on the server to their computers by the end of the semester. All information will be removed from a student's home directory regardless of enrollment status for the following semester.

My password is not working with the COST Student Server.  How can I reset it?

Please reset your password in Port of Armstrong. You will need your 907 number, Port username, and SHIP pin.

I was added to a course after the drop/add period and need access to the server.

Please complete and print this account request form (PDF) and submit it at the IT Services Helpdesk located in the Armstrong Center, Suite 16.