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Social Media Resource Guide

Armstrong Career Services actively uses Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with students, alumni, employers, faculty, and staff. Students and alumni can “like” Armstrong Career Services on Facebook to receive updates about job postings, career fairs, job search tips, and other events hosted by our office. The Armstrong Alumni Career Network on LinkedIn allows current students, alumni, faculty, staff, and employers to network and share employment opportunities, job search advice, and learn about upcoming career events at Armstrong and beyond. Read below for tips on how to use social media in your job search, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Fast Facts

  • 53% of recruiters Google first to see what kind of information they can find about you.
  • 46% Screen Social Media (of this 46%, 29% screen on Facebook, 26% on LinkedIn, 11% on Blogs, 7% on Twitter)
  • 56% Use Social Media to Recruit (of this 56%, 95% use LinkedIn, 58% use Facebook, 42% use Twitter)
  • 1 in 3 Employers decided against a candidate due to social media site content (53% sited inappropriate photos or comments, 44% specify drinking/drug use)
  • 18% Hired because of a candidate’s social media site content (50% sited a ‘better feel’ for personality, 38% saw creativity)

Quick tips on using Facebook in your job search

  1. Take a minute to see your profile as another user and verify that you like what you see, otherwise, set custom access levels. Custom levels are important too because you may want only your friends to be able to view your full profile, not just anyone who searches for your name.
  2. Untag yourself from pictures that you wouldn't want your grandmother or an employer to see.
  3. Ignore friend requests from people you don't know.
  4. Be careful of how much personal information you share and "checking in" at places. Often this can lead to a security breach if you share too much information because hackers can guess that you'll use your birthday, dog's name, etc. as passwords or at least as password hints to various websites.
  5. Check out these videos on Facebook privacy settings:

             Part 1 Video
             Part 2 Video

New to LinkedIn?  We can help get you started.

All students looking for an internship or job should develop a LinkedIn account. Further information about the construction of a profile can be found in the hyperlinks on this page, however here are a few key points to get you started:
Think about who you know from these groups of people below - they might be on LinkedIn

  • Friends/Relatives, etc.
  • Professional Experiences
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Alumni
  • Professional Groups
  • LinkedIn Search (in specific instances)In order to most effectively use LinkedIn, we recommend that you read the following guidelines before setting up your account. Once you're ready to go, log on to, create your profile, and join the Armstrong Alumni Career Network group to start connecting!

A strong network on LinkedIn equals 50-150 connections, which you'll see is easy to attain if you think about who you know from the above groups of people! Once you've started to make connections, head over to LinkedIn Maps  to see a good visual of professional connections and it also shows you how your own connections are connected to each other. Read the articles below for more information on how to set up your LinkedIn account and how to use LinkedIn to maximize your job search success.

10 Steps to Building Your LinkedIn Profile pdf
A complete LinkedIn profile is the first step to a professional online presence. Follow these 10 steps to create a profile that will highlight your qualifications and help you stand out from the rest.

10 Tips to Maxmize your LinkedIn Network pdf
"It's not what you know, it's who you know." You've heard this adage a thousand times. On LinkedIn, it's who you're connected to and how you're utilizing your profile that counts. Now that you have set up your professional profile, move on to connecting with others and developing your network.

LinkedIn FAQ's pdf
Believe it or not, there are appropriate ways to network online. This quick guide provides you with answers to questions such as "How do I ask for a recommendation?" and "How often should I check LinkedIn?" Designed for current students and recent graduates, these answers will have you on the fast track to networking sucess.

10 Steps to Finding a Job Online pdf
Want to leverage your chances of finding a great job online? LinkedIn can help! Learn how to attract the eye of others to your profile and create interest in your abilities.

Research Employers pdf
You can also use LinkedIn to research prospective employers before you go to a career fair, job interview, or networking meeting. Not knowing enough about a company is one of recruiters' biggest complaints about entry level job seekers. Follow these steps to do your research and prepare for your next job.

Find your Career Passion pdf
Interested in using LinkedIn to explore career options? Having representatives from each Fortune 500 company on LinkedIn makes it a great place to do research on different career paths and what might suit you best.

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