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Graduation Surveys
Where Armstrong Students Go Upon Graduation

What do Armstrong students do when they graduate? Career Services has compiled the data on where Armstrong students go to graduate school and where they seek employment to assist current students in their job or graduate school search. Note that for all of the following charts, any information left blank indicates that no response was given by the graduate.

May 2013 Graduate Schoolspdf
Some of our May 2013 graduates are headed to Georgia Southern University, Emory, University of South Carolina, and many others to pursue further education.  Check out the complete survey results!

May 2013 Employmentpdf
Our May 2013 graduates are working for hospitals, school systems, the federal government, military, and many others. View the full survey to see specific job titles, employers, and salaries.

Past Surveys

December 2012 Graduate Schools

December 2012 Employment 

May 2012 Graduate Schools pdf

May 2012 Employment pdf

December 2011 Graduate Schools pdf

December 2011 Employmentpdf

May 2011 Graduate Schools pdf

May 2011 Employment pdf

December 2010 Graduate Schools (pdf)

December 2010 Employment (pdf)

May 2010 Graduate Schools (pdf)

May 2010 Employment (pdf)

December 2009 Graduate Schools (pdf)

December 2009 Employment (pdf)