Bursar's Office

Returned Check Policy

The university recognizes students will occasionally write non-sufficient funds checks. When a check is returned by the bank, the Bursar Office will notify the student. The university expects the student to immediately respond to this notice and pay the check plus applicable service charges.

A service charge of $30.00 or 5% of the check, whichever is greater, is assessed for returned checks. In addition to this charge, non-sufficient funds checks written for tuition payments will be assessed the late registration fee.

Checks returned because of bank errors will be redeposited after written notification is received from the bank and a $30.00 service charge is paid by the student. No late registration fee is assessed for checks returned because of a bank error. Students should request reimbursement of the service charge from their bank.

A stop payment of a check does not constitute a formal withdrawal and is considered a returned check. Writing a non-sufficient funds check or stopping payment on a check does not cancel registration. Students whose check is returned for non-sufficient funds or who places a stop payment on a check must honor the check and pay the service charges before withdrawing from the university. After honoring a returned or stop-payment check and formally withdrawing in the office of The Registrar, the student will receive a refund, if applicable.

A student whose check is returned for tuition will be dropped from their class roll. The appropriate charges will be placed on the student's account and a hold will be placed on the student's account until the balance is paid in full. To pay the balance, the student may not pay by check again. The student can pay with cash, money order, cashier's check, or over the web by credit card only.

Payment Deadlines

  • Fall 2015 Mini Mester: Oct 9
  • Spring 2016: Fri, January 8

Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines

(rolling enrollment, options vary)
  • Fall 2015: July 24 & Aug 14 (available July 10)
  • Spring 2016: Nov 20, Dec 23, Jan 8 (available Oct 26)

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