Bursar's Office

How To Read Your Invoice

Enrolled students receive or have access to their INVOICE each semester in Armstrong's Bill and Payment system. Charges are listed in chronological order according to the date they were added. Pending approved Financial Aid will be listed in the Estimated Financial Aid section under Current Activity. All charges are due upon registration and students must adhere to payment deadlines posted in the Academic Calendar for each term. See the fee payment section for additional details.

Payment Deadlines

  • Spr 2015: Fri, Jan 9
  • Summer 2015: Fri, June 5
  • Fall 2015: Fri, August 14

Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines

(rolling enrollment, options vary)
  • Spring 2015: Nov 25, Dec 23, Jan 9
  • Summer 2015: Mar 26, Apr 24, May 22, June2

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