Bursar's Office

Pay Online

To make a payment

  • Log into Bill & Payment system with your student ID number and S.H.I.P pin (first six digits only). You can get there by logging into the Port of Armstrong and Choosing Touchnet Bill Pay System from the Student Services box. Or, click the Pay Online link on this page. Click on Log in Help if you're having trouble logging in to Touchnet. 
  • Click on the "Payments" tab at the top of the screen. Once there, click on "Make a Payment" under the "Most Recent Billing Statement" section or the "Pay" icon under "Current Account Balance".
  • Choose your payment method from the drop-down box under "Select Payment Method".

Authorizing Others to See Your Financial Account

Authorized users other than the student may log in using their email address and password. Authorized users may be set up in Bill & Payment under the "Authorized User" tab.

Paying by Electronic Check

(Credit Card payment instructions)

  • Choose "Electronic Check" from the drop down box and click "GO"
  • Enter your bank account information.
    PLEASE NOTE: Debit card numbers are not acceptable and will not be honored by your banking institution. Please use the checking account and routing numbers found on the checks printed for you by your bank. Only personal checking accounts and certain savings accounts may be used for electronic check payments. Credit card convenience checks will NOT be honored. Cashier's checks or money orders issued by your bank will NOT be accepted and must be presented in person or mailed to the Bursar's Office. Please check with your bank before using personal savings accounts to make sure your account supports this activity. E-Check payments returned for any reason at all will be subject to return check fees of $30 or 5%, whichever is greater, as well as any applicable late fees. Returned payments for tuition balances may result in dropped classes.

You may choose to save this payment method for future use or refunds. Armstrong will not draft your account without your consent and the Bursar's office does not have access to your account information.

  • Click "Continue"
    PLEASE NOTE: Armstrong cannot verify account information in real time. Enter numbers carefully and accurately to ensure payment processing.
  • Choose payment term and enter the payment amount of your choice in the box provided.
  • Click "Continue" —Read the agreement and print.
  • Check the "I agree" box and click "Continue"
  • Your payment is submitted. If you receive a confirmation email this confirms your submission only, not whether or not the bank has honored your request.

Paying by Credit Card Via PayPath

PayPath charges a 2.75% service fee for each transaction.

  • Select "Credit Card Via PayPath" from the drop-down box and click "GO".
  • Enter the payment amount of your choice and select a term.
  • Click on "Continue to PayPath".
    Read the notice: PayPath charges a 2.75% service fee.
  • Click "Continue"
  • Enter or confirm payment amount.
  • Click "Continue"
  • Enter credit card and contact/billing information as prompted.
    PLEASE NOTE: Your bank may cap transactions at a certain amount per day to help prevent fraud. If your payment does not go through, you may need to contact the bank for authorization and try the payment again.
  • Click "Continue"
  • Verify your information and submit payment.

You may verify that your payment posted correctly by viewing your payment history in Bill & Payment. You may also call the Bursar's office to verify payments and request hold removal at 912-344-3243.

Log In Help

If you're having trouble logging in to Touchnet, it may be because your SHIP PIN is expired, or you've entered it incorrectly on SHIP too many times. Since the Port password and user ID are not the same as the Touchnet password and user ID, you'll need to reset your SHIP PIN, even if you can still log into the Port just fine. Here's what you should do to solve this problem:

1. Resetting your PIN: Have you set your security question in SHIP?

Every student has been asked to do this, but if you missed that opportunity, you still can. Unfortunately, if you have not, you'll have to contact Enrollment Services to reset your PIN. Try logging in to SHIP through the Port of Armstrong. If you can get in, that means your PIN is not expired; you may have just forgotten it. In that case, you SHOULD be able to get into Touchnet without entering a PIN using the Port's Single Sign on feature (Click on Touchnet Bill Pay System in the Student Services box on the Home tab).

If you can't get in, but you have set your security question, then reset your PIN here. Answer the security question and reset your PIN. IF you have NOT set a security question, this feature won't work--you'll have to contact Enrollment Services at 912-344-2576 to get your PIN reset. If you've forgotten your PIN and don't have a security question set up to get it reset, you'll have to call Enrollment Services to get it reset in order to get in to Touchnet.

2. Log in with new PIN

If you reset your PIN yourself using your security question, then try logging into Touchnet again with that new PIN. OR--try using the Port to log in. It should work. If it doesn't, you may need to clear your browser cache and restart your browser. If you had to get Enrollment Services to reset your SHIP PIN, then you'll have to log in to SHIP via the Port and change your PIN, as well as set up your security question. Once that's done, you should have access to Touchnet to view and pay your bill both from the Pay Online links on the Armstrong web pages, and through the Port of Armstrong. Again, if that doesn't work, clear your browser cache and/or restart your browser. If you're still having trouble, contact Armstrong's IT Helpdesk for further assistance.

Payment Deadlines

  • Summer 2015: Fri, June 5
  • Fall 2015: Fri, August 14
  • Spring 2016: Fri, January 8

Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines

(rolling enrollment, options vary)
  • Summer 2015: Mar 26, Apr 24, May 22, June 2
  • Fall 2015: July 24 & Aug 14 (available July 10)

Pay Online

Enroll in a Payment Plan