Job Hunters Group: Tips on Evaluating Your Opportunities

(July 10, 2013) Our Job Hunters series continued last week with a seminar led by Julie Gerbsch ’09. The topic was Evaluating Your Opportunities, which focused both on how to decide which opportunities to pursue and whether to accept a job offer. Here are some of the tips from the evening:

  • Temp jobs can help you get on the inside of company so you can know what is available there and whether you would like to work there.
  • You should fill out applications at your temp placements.
  • Talk to people at your temp placements to build your network.
  • Be open minded as you're listening to possible opportunities...only a small percentage of people get their jobs by responding to a traditional ad.
  • It is easier to find a job if you already have one, even if you are working only part time.
  • O*net Online is a great web resource to give you details about the skills, knowledge, etc. you need for specific types of jobs.
  • O*net also tells you what kind of tasks you'll do in each job and what you can expect to earn.
  • Candid Career will give you positive and negative insights about jobs from people in those careers.
  • Avoid bringing up salary on first interview.
  • Remember a job is about more than just salary, consider quality of life, growth opportunities, etc.
  • Use your instincts and judgment to determine if a job offer is right for you.
  • Know what your "deal breakers" are. Write down what you must have ahead of time and use that list to objectively evaluate offers later.
  • In addition to salary, consider your responsibilities, schedule, work environment, benefits, leave, retirement, profit sharing, parking/transportation, childcare, flex scheduling, and other elements that might be important to you.
  • Ask yourself if the job fits your long-term career or personal goals, if the company's values match yours, and if the job fits your lifestyle.
  • Remember better benefits can mean lower salary.
  • shows comprehensive salary and benefits for different jobs AND cost of living for different locales.

The Job Hunters series concludes on July 16 with a session on Applying to Federal Jobs led by Peter Hoffman, director of Armstrong’s Liberty Center. It starts at 6 p.m. Please register online.