Golden Grads: Armstrong honors alumni with luncheon.

(July 2, 2013) Armstrong honored its Golden Grads—alumni from the classes of 1937 to 1963—with a luncheon on Thursday, June 13, at Vic’s on the River, owned by 1941 Armstrong alum Irving Victor.

“All classes 50 years or longer ago were invited,” said Director of Alumni Development Cheryl Anderson.

With 45 in attendance, nearly all of the classes were represented, including the 75th anniversary class of 1938. Vic’s historic, downtown location served as the perfect setting as all Golden Grads present at the luncheon attended the original Armstrong Junior College location at the Armstrong House near Forsyth Park.

Mary Friedman, an alumnus from the class of 1951, fondly remembers Armstrong’s distinct characteristics that still continue to propel the university to the forefront of higher education.

“It was a unique college and it was almost a European style of teaching,” said Friedman.

Armstrong has a particularly special place in Friedman’s heart because of the memories she made while attending with her Ernie, her high school sweetheart, an alum from the class of 1950.

“We met when we were 15 years old; we went to high school together,” said Friedman.

The pair married in 1951 and after graduating from Armstrong, Ernie pursued a career as a lawyer and attended the University of Pennsylvania, Emory Law School and even studied main tax law in New York City after a three-year stint in the Army as a member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

While the Friedmans certainly became well traveled and were able to experience a multitude of educational surroundings, they have always said that Armstrong was their favorite.

“We have always felt that Armstrong was one of the best schools we had ever attended,” said Friedman. “We really love Armstrong.”

That same sentiment echoed throughout the lunch from all of the Golden Grads who enjoyed an Armstrong Junior College trivia version of Bingo and even shared letters marking more than 75 years since their graduations.

“This year’s Golden Grads event was a true reunion of friends,” said Armstrong President Linda Bleicken. “A broad cross-section of Armstrong alumni attended, and people told stories and enjoyed friends they hadn’t seen in years...or decades!”

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