Academic Advisement

Dropping/Adding a Class

Students may drop and add classes via SHIP during registration.

After the regular registration period, students must get the signature of a professor to drop or add a class.

If you wish to discontinue your enrollment in a course or in all your courses, do not—under any circumstances—simply stop attending class (or classes). The academic and financial consequences of doing so can be significant and long lasting.

If you wish to discontinue your enrollment in a course, discuss this decision and the process with:
  • your professor
  • your academic advisor
  • a staff member in the Office of Academic Orientation and Advisement, 212 Solms Hall, 912.344.2570

If you wish to discontinue your enrollment in all of your courses, contact  your advisor or visit the Academic Advisement Office in Solms Hall 212.

Withdrawal from any course after the mid-term of the semester will result in an automatic grade of WF for that course. If a student has experienced a nonacademic hardship that requires withdrawal after mid-term, that student should contact his or her professor and file a request for a "W" after mid-term, providing an explanation of the hardship along with supporting documentation.