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Studying economics while riding a camel on the Silk Road during your summer in China.
Or watching a culinary demonstration after your tour of Olive Oils in the heart of Italy.
Or studying world politics along the Pacific Coast at the University of La Serena in Chile.
Or perfecting your Spanish over comidas corridas with your host family in Cuernavaca, Mexico

These are just a tiny sampling of the possibilities that lie ahead in a study abroad experience.
The Office of International Education encourages students of all ages to consider studying abroad for a summer, semester or full year as part of their academic experience. Study abroad can enhance any major by challenging students to adapt to the diversity found in the world in terms of values, beliefs, ideas and world views, expanding the awareness of the complexity and interdependency of world events and issues. In addition, the culture and language learning opportunities which are offered by study abroad are unparalleled.

Approved courses which are taken abroad are fully transferrable to your academic program, and students can take courses to meet major, minor or general education requirements.

Students who qualify for financial aid can continue to use this aid while earning credit abroad.

Our office is here for you at every stage of your study abroad process. Call us at 912.344.3128, email us at or just stop by the office to browse our catalogs and speak with one of our staff members. We're here to help you discover others and decide which program is right for you. We'll also help you navigate each program's requirements and application procedures.


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