After completing the admission process and returning the blue 62+ Program Application form to our office,  you may be registered  for classes every semester in the Office of the Registrar on the first floor of Victor Hall.  (Students who are out for three consecutive semesters and students who complete a degree program must re-apply to Armstrong and be readmitted in order to complete an Advisement Notice for additional class registration.)  Click on News and Events in the left-hand box for deadline dates.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • You may choose either to audit a class or take it for college credit.   In either case, you may participate fully in the class.  You must specify audit or credit on your admissions application and on your Advisement Form before our office registers your classes.  This status cannot be changed after the semester begins.
  • You may sign up for any college class as long as there is space available and you have met the prerequisites for that class (as identified in the Armstrong catalog). Please note that certain classes are not permitted to be audited, such as Learning Support classes and others.
  • Degree-seeking students must meet with the advisement office.  912-344-2570
  • You will not have to pay tuition or activities/athletics fees when you register to take a class. You will be responsible only for the cost of books, special course fees, parking fees, lab fees or equipment costs for the classes you have selected.
  • The Registrar's Office must register your classes  in order for you to receive the tuition waiver.  Students in the 62+ Program may not register themselves but will complete a 62+ Advisement Form listing desired classes and return it to the Registrar's office by the specified date.   To see if prior overload permission is possible in case the class you want is closed, you must contact the class professor or the department head and have him/her sign your advisement notice.

If you have questions about  registration, please call 912.344.2576.