Summer 2014 62+ Registration

We must receive your completed 62 Plus Advisement Notice form by  Monday, May 12.   Please contact the Registrar's Office at 912.344.2576 to discuss registration.   Students who have been out for three consecutive semesters will need to apply for readmission to the university.  Students who have graduated from an Armstrong degree program must also re-apply in order to take additional classes.   Please contact Rolinda Cary ( if you need to readmit to the University.

We must register your classes through our the Registrar's Office in order for you to receive the tuition waiverDo not register for these classes online or through another office unless it is your intention to pay for the courses yourself.

Your responsibilities:

  • View currently open Summer classes online.  (Courses may not still be open when we can register 62+ students shortly before the semester begins.)
  • If you are degree-seeking, you must meet with your departmental advisor to approve/sign your Advisement Notice.  Contact the Office of Academic Orientation and Advisement  at 912.344.2570
  • Complete all information on the 62 Plus Advisement Notice Form and sign and return it to the Registrar's office, First Floor Victor Hall, by May 12.  Please remember that all courses are offered to 62+ students on a space-available basis, and these courses may be closed by the date we are allowed to register you.  To ask for prior overload permission in case the class you want is closed, you must contact the class professor or the department head and have him/her sign your advisement notice giving permission to override.
  • Check your SHIP records to make sure any holds have been removed (Accounts Receivable and Proof of Lawful Presence).  Some classes have lab or other fees for which the student is responsible. 
  • Make sure you have met  the prerequisites for each course you wish to take.  (Check the online or printed course catalog.)
  • If you are a returning student (three consecutive semesters since your last enrollment), or if you were a new student and were notified of acceptance for the Spring semester but did not actually attend, you must complete a "Readmit Application" prior to registration.  (Go to  the Admissions Office for one or call to have one mailed to you.)
  • You must specify audit or credit on the Advisement Form before we register your classes.  This status cannot be changed after the semester begins.

IMPORTANT:  Your class schedule should be available online the weekend of May 17, 2014.  You are responsible for logging into your SHIP account to view your classes and for notifying us should you notice any problem. .  Summer classes begin on Monday, May 19.