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Graduate Admission Categories

Degree applicants are required to meet all admission requirements for Graduate Studies. In general, admission requirements include a minimum of a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally-accredited institution, a specified minimum overall grade point average for the baccalaureate degree, and a satisfactory score on the program admission test. Currently accepted admission tests include the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Miller Analogies Test (MAT), and the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). No test scores older than five years will be accepted as established by the Educational Testing Service. (For international students that are required to have an English placement exam, either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are accepted. Acceptable test scores will be less than two (2) years old.) Admission categories for degree seeking students consist of regular admit, provisional admit, or limited admit. Admission categories for non-degree seeking students consist of teacher certification, transient, certificate seeking, undeclared or graduating senior. For degree seeking students, your admission category is determined by your academic department and is based on your application for admission and all supporting documentation.

Admission Categories for Graduate Studies
Degree - Regular Admission A student who is admitted in the degree-regular admission category meets all of the current requirements as set forth by the academic department for unqualified admission. Applicants may be required to meet additional program-specific requirements as outlined in the section Summary of Requirements for Degree Admission (Regular and Provisional).
Degree - Provisional Admission A student who is admitted in the degree-provisional admission category does not satisfy the conditions for degree-regular admission. Graduate Studies will establish the conditions for provisional admission at the time of admission based on the recommendation of the graduate program in which the student proposes to study. As a general rule, provisional admit students may not take more than nine (9) graduate hours. However, students may be reclassified with regular admission providing they have taken at least one graduate level Armstrong course, which has been approved by their academic advisor/graduate coordinator, and completed the course with a grade of no less than B, unless otherwise stipulated by the academic unit. Please note, that the majority of degree programs require a minimum of three graduate classes, totaling nine graduate semester hours, before reclassification. Each academic unit may also require that specific courses must be completed prior to a student's reclassification. Because there is the requirement to carry seventeen hours the first semester of the Physical Therapy program of study, all provisional admit graduate students in the Physical Therapy program will be allowed to take seventeen hours of graduate credit of approved courses.
*Degree - Limited Admission There are two types of Limited Admission: Limited Degree Seeking and Limited Non-Degree Seeking. A student who is admitted in the degree-limited category does not meet all of the requirements for either degree-provisional or degree-regular admission. Degree-limited students are only allowed to take a total of six (6) graduate semester hours. In order to continue after 6 hours, the student must have met the requirements for either provisional or regular admission to the program. The student will not be allowed to continue in the program of study unless all conditions set forth by the academic department have been satisfactorily completed. A student who is admitted in the limited-non-degree category may also be limited to a total of six (6) graduate hours. A limited non-degree student may apply to a degree program at any time. At the time of application, the student must meet either the requirements of the provisional or regular admission to the program. Upon the academic advisor/graduate coordinator's recommendation, a maximum of six graduate semester hours of credit may be included in a program of study, provided the student has gained reclassification as a degree-seeking student. There is no guarantee that any graduate courses taken as a non-degree seeking student will transfer over into any degree program. (*Not all programs allow for Limited students.) Limited Non-Degree seeking categories include Transient, Certificate Admission, Teacher Certification, Armstrong Graduating Senior, and Undeclared..
Transient A student who has been given permission from their home institution to attend Armstrong State University for no more than two consecutive semesters. (It is up to individual institutions if courses taken at Armstrong will transfer back to the home institution.) Updated letters of good standing from the Registrar's office of the home institution are required for each semester attended. Financial Aid eligibility will be determined by the home institution (not Armstrong).
Certificate Admission A student who has expressed intent of working towards a graduate level certificate, i.e. Gerontology, Heritage Tourism. Reading Endorsement or Women's Studies. (This category may not be eligible for Financial Aid—aid is program specific.)
Teacher Certification A student who is not seeking a degree, but is working only towards teacher certification in a specified area.

Students who have been verified by the College of Education as following their individual program of study, as prescribed by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC), may be eligible for aid as a 5th year senior, who has not exhausted undergraduate eligibility.

The Office of Financial Aid is unable to disburse your monies until:
  1. Formal attendance verification is completed by the Registrar's Office. AND
  2. The Financial Aid Office has been officially notified by the College of Education, that your individual program of study has been verified.
Undeclared or Non-Degree Seeking A student who is not seeking a degree. For example, a student that is taking classes for possible teacher re-certification, taking classes that are prerequisites into a degree program, or for personal enrichment. (Students are limited to six (6) graduate credit hours in this category. Financial Aid is not available for undeclared or non-degree seeking students.)
Graduating Senior A student admitted in this category is also currently enrolled and are officially classified as being in an undergraduate degree program at Armstrong. No more than six (6) semester hours of graduate credit may be completed by the student during the senior year upon recommendation of the academic advisor/graduate coordinator and department head. Under no circumstances may this graduate credit be used to satisfy both graduate and undergraduate program of study requirements. Students in this category are allowed to take 5000G level classes only. Students are not allowed to take 6000, 7000 or 8000 level classes. Your financial aid eligibility will be determined by your undergraduate degree program classification and your undergraduate financial aid available.