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Academic Writing Bootcamp 2013

Ready to get your writing and research into shape?
Need a little external motivation?
Well, don’t just sit there. Sign up for Academic Writing Boot Camp!

Academic Writing Boot Camp

The Office of Faculty Development in collaboration with Lane Library would like to announce another faculty development opportunity: Academic Writing Boot Camp (what a name, I know).  This program is designed specifically for tenured/mid-career faculty who may have lost their early zest for seeing their research projects through to completion. To be held during Winter Break, on December 12 and 13, this program will allow you to bring those unfinished articles that are buried under stacks of student exams and committee reports back onto your radar screen, or to make those nearly completed grant proposals for which you just can’t chisel out the time stop tugging at your sleeve. This “boot camp” provides you an opportunity to work with a cohort of other faculty who are also striving to “get something out there.” It is not a writing workshop. It is, rather, a chance to work away from the pressures and distractions of your homes, offices, and classrooms; and to share this experience with other faculty members who recognize a need for external motivators. A light breakfast and lunch will be served both days, and at the end of the two-day rigor maybe a glass of wine (or two)…?

Here’s the drill:

  • To be eligible to participate you must be a tenured/mid-career faculty member, and you must submit a brief description of the project on which you will be working (proposal form below).
  • Proposals will be due by 5:00 pm November 22, 2013.
  • Selection of the 8 participants comprising this semester’s cohort will be competitive.
  • The group will convene in Lane Library at 9:00 am for a light breakfast and a brief sharing session, focusing on what each member hopes to accomplish that day.
  • Each participant will then work individually/with the assistance of a reference librarian until lunch, which, like breakfast, will be provided by the Office of Faculty Development.
  • Work will continue throughout the afternoon hours, and at 5:00 pm the group will reconvene for a brief report back session on the day’s accomplishments.
  • Each participant will have his or her own study space and the assistance of Lane Library’s outstanding reference librarians at his or her beck and call.
  • Each participant must commit to participation for both days.
  • Each participant is encouraged to keep email accounts closed and cell phones turned off throughout the working hours.
  • And here’s the golden ring: if by the beginning of the spring semester, let’s say April 1, 2014, you have submitted that article/grant proposal to a peer-reviewed venue and you have an acknowledgement of the receipt of your submission, you get $250.00!

Proposal Form for Armstrong’s Academic Writing Boot Camp

Due November 22, 2013. Please submit three paper copies of this form to the Office of Faculty Development, Solms 211, Armstrong Atlantic State University.


Proposal Form