Emergency Information

Dial 912.344.2500 to obtain  information and status updates during an emergency situation.
Dial 912.344.3333 to Report an On-Campus Emergency
Dial 911 to Report an Off-Campus Emergency

BLAST Emergency Communication System
Armstrong has in place BLAST, an emergency communication system designed to send vital messages to students and employees via phone and email in the event of a disruption of normal campus operations or in the case of an emergency.

Emergency Response Quick Reference Guide
Find Armstrong's emergency procedures in our Emergency Response Quick Reference Guide.

Hurricane Preparedness Guide
Be prepared for a natural disaster with our Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

Armstrong State University Police
University Police are here to serve and protect the community of the university. Do not hesitate to call the University Police at any time for emergency situations such as fires, civil disturbances, criminal behavior, hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, hostage situations, bomb threats, etc. Click here to find out how they keep you safe.

Safety Tips
Keep these tips in mind to keep you safe everyday.

Emergency Flyer
A quick resource for the following emergencies: Tornado/Severe Weather, Chemical/Hazardous Spill, Medical, Active Shooter, Fire/Evacuation and Hurricane.

Important Contacts

University Police
43333 on campus
912.344.3333 off campus

Student Health Center
during normal business hours

Counseling Center
during normal business hours

during normal business hours
after hours

Workplace Violence Prevention
Refer employees exhibiting inappropriate behavior to Human Resources

Refer students exhibiting inappropriate behavior to Student Affairs