University Registrar

University Registrar Staff


Jodi Ashman
Veteran's Affairs Coordinator
Ms. Ashman is the primary contact for the university for Veteran's Affairs. She assists over 500 veterans and soldiers with GI Benefits and VA Vocational Rehabilitation processing. She is the direct contact for the Army Tuition Assistance Program, as well as SOCAD Student Agreements.

Mary Crocker
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Crocker assists with the processing of academic transcripts for students and maintaining the academic records of the university.

Charlotte Fletcher
Customer Relations
Ms. Fletcher coordinates and supports the enrollment specialists in assisting students with registration and related duties.

Karen Harris
Staff Assistant
Ms. Harris processes all third-party transcript requests for students, and she maintains the academic records.

Rock McCaskill
Mr. McCaskill directly oversees the operations of the Office of the Registrar, including curriculum, registration, transcripts and degree completion. He is responsible for maintaining the academic records of the university.

Kathy Platt
Assistant Registrar
Ms. Platt reviews all undergraduate degree candidates for final approval for graduation. She works closely with faculty advisors to provide guidance for graduating students. She is responsible for coding the degree evaluation program for the core requirements.

Melinda Rocha
Administrative Assistant, Faculty Services
Ms. Rocha will work with the faculty to produce the schedule of classes and to process attendance verifications and withdrawals from the university.  She will assist with study abroad and TAP registration.  She will also help ensure that academic and non-academic events are scheduled without conflict.

Anne Schulte
Coordinator for Graduate Students and Residency
Ms. Schulte reviews all graduate degree candidates for final approval for graduation. She is the Residency Officer of the office and works with out-of-state tuition waivers. She also helps coordinate the GTREP and SSU programs.

Iris Smith
Residency Administrative Assistant
Ms. Smith assists students with waivers.  She is the first contact for residency and serves as the primary office receptionist.

Barbara Weiss
Registrar Staff Assistant
Ms. Weiss is usually the voice you hear when calling the Office of the Registrar.  She assists with registration questions, transcript requests, resetting SHIP accounts, and she can help you find the right point of contact for many other registrar questions.

Registrar Staff Assistant
This position is usually at the front counter assisting students with transcript requests, registration errors, major changes and many other registrar questions.

Registrar Staff Assistant
This position assists students with registration questions.  They also processes attendance verifications and undergraduate transient permission requests.