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Plan Ahead: Fall 2014 payment deadline is August 15, 2014.

Tuition and Fee increases have been posted by the Georgia Board of Regents for the 2014-15 school year. The undergraduate rate, effective July 1, 2014, is $158.00 for Georgia Residents and $574.87 for students who do not qualify for State of Georgia residency. This rate is a per credit hour rates and is valid for classes taught less than 95% online, and is charged for the first 15 credit hours only. Fully online rates have not yet been determined for the 2014-15 school year, and are charged at the fulll number of credit hours with no upward limit. Combinations of on-campus and online courses are charged per credit hour with no upward limit. A full listing of all rate increases for all programs, including graduate programs, will be published as soon as posisble. The rates are currently available for viewing on the Board of Regent's Tuition and Fees site.

Summer 2014 Important Dates and Deadlines

Payment deadline for Summer 2014 is May 16, 2014. Submit payments by 4:30 PM to make sure they are credited to your account.

There is still time to enroll in a Pre-Payment Plan with Nelnet!  Enrollment deadlines are March 24, April 20, and April 30, 2014. No new enrollments for Summer 2014 plans will be accepted after that date.

The Bursar’s Office has Moved!

To Armstrong Faculty, Staff and Students:

We are excited to announce that the Bursar's Office relocated to the 2nd floor of Victor Hall the week of November 4th, 2013. (See below for campus map)

Map of New Bursar Office Location

Fall 2013 Important Payment Deadlines:

Fall 2013 charges should begin posting to student accounts the first week of July, 2013. Pay for your classes by July 30, 2013 to avoid late fees and dropped classes. Classes will be dropped for non-payment on the morning of July 31, 2013, for any students who have not satisfied the payment requirements by that date. See "How to Pay" for a list of acceptable payment methods. Please note that students whose financial aid is not complete prior to the published fee payment deadline are required to pay their balances. If you have questions about whether you may be dropped, contact the Bursar's office or the Office of Financial Aid. All classes for which you have registered must be paid for by that deadline, regardless of which summer session the class meets in, so be sure you are prepared to pay for all the courses for which you've pre-registered. Classes added after that date must be paid for the same day you register, and could be subject to late fees. Be sure to consider signing up for a pre-payment plan with Nelnet. The final deadline to sign up for a Fall 2013 pre-payment plan is July 24, 2013.

News for 2013-2014 School Year

Fees for 2013-14 have been approved and published by the Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia. A comprehensive schedule of fees will soon be published by the Office of Business and Finance.  Regular in-state undergraduate tuiton for continuing students has increased by $3.74 per credit hour for the coming school year, and mandatory registration fees have increased by $27. Undergraduate tuition for out-of-state students increased by $13.67 per credit hour. See the rates when they are published on our Tuition and Fees page. They should be available by the end of May. As of Fall 2012, a new e-rate was established for all classes delivered 95% or more online. Please contact the Bursar's office with questions.

See this Press Release by the Georgia Board of Regents for more information on the University System of Georgia's Fiscal Year 2014 Budget. 

See Academic Calendar for more details about Registration and Payment deadlines and other important semester dates. 

Payment Deadlines

  • Spring 2014: Fri, Jan 17
  • Spring 2014 Flex term: Mon, Mar 10
  • Summer 2014: Fri, May 16
  • Fall 2014: Fri, Aug 15
  • Spr 2015: Fri, Jan 9
  • Summer 2015: Fri, June 5

Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines

(for 4, 3 and 2 payment plans)
  • Summer 2014: Mar 24, Apr 21, Apr 30
  • Fall 2014: July 25, Aug 15 (3 and 2 payment plans only)
  • Spring 2015: Nov 25, Dec 23, Jan 9
  • Summer 2015: Mar 26, Apr 24, May 22, June2

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