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Mandatory Fees and Other Charges

Expenses are in the form of in-state tuition, out-of-state tuition, student services and other special fees. Fees of all students are due and payable at time of registration; registration is not complete until all fees have been paid. Fees are not deferred. Students may establish a payment plan with Nelnet Business Solutions(NBS). For more information, visit how fees are set.

Mandatory Fees

Type of Fee Amount
Student Activity Fee
The student activity fee is used to fund various organizations benefiting students, such as the Student Center, Student Publications, and student‐run organizations. The student activity fee is administered through the Student Government Association.
Athletic Fee
The Athletic fee contributes to the operating costs of maintaining a quality Division II athletic program that is also NCAA and Title IX compliant.
Recreation Center Fee
This fee helps cover the debt service payments on the Student Recreation Center. This fee is set for the full term of the bonds that finance this facility. The Student Activity Fee also provides funding for operation of the Center.
Technology Fee
The Technology Fee is intended to enhance the technology available for the education of Armstrong students. It is used to fund the refurbishment of existing technology based equipment and to fund innovative projects for the use of technology in education. Colleges, schools, groups of faculty, students and staff may request funds. The Technology Fee Committee, which includes faculty and students, makes recommendations for the distribution of funds to the Chief Information Officer who, in turn, allocates the funds.
Student Health Fee
The student health fee covers unlimited visits to the clinic, some laboratory testing, psychiatry assessment and limited psychiatrist visits per semester, and consultations with health educators. Other services are significantly discounted. A supplemental health insurance plan, which covers referrals, hospitalizations and other costs, is available for all students.
Institutional fee $250
Student success fee $110
Student ID Fee
The Pirate Card is the official Armstrong identification card for students. It is a student’s ticket for student athletic events, access to various facilities such as housing and the recreation center, access to meal plans, and a valuable tool for storing funds so cash is not needed to purchase campus wide services.

Who has to pay fees?

All students enrolled in courses categorized as “on-campus” will be charged health, recreation, student I.D., student success, institutional, technology, athletic and activity fees. “On-campus” courses are those defined as being physically located in Chatham County.

Students registered only for off-campus courses do not pay the student I.D., student success, activity, student health fee, recreation, or the athletic fee. “Off-campus” courses are those defined as being physically located outside of Chatham County. Students registered for a combination of on- and off-campus courses do pay the health fee, the student activity fee, the recreation fee, the athletic fee, student I.D., student success fee, instituitonal fee and technology fee.  Internet courses are considered off-campus. A course will be considered as an Internet course when the course is delivered at least 95% over the Internet. All students enrolled for classes will be charged the technology fee and institutional. Fees will be charged regardless of the length of the class. All fees are non-refundable unless stated otherwise in the Refund Policy.

Additional Mandatory Fees

The Board of Regents has approved a special instituitional fee for all USG students of $250.00. Students registered in 4 credit hours or less pay $125.00. Students who are designated Active Duty Military do not pay this fee.

62+ Students

Tuition and most fees are waived for Georgia residents who present written documentation that they are 62 years of age or older. Other special fees, such as lab fees or graduation fees, are not waived. Please consult with the Registrar's Office for details.

Active duty Military and Military Dependants Stationed in Georgia

Non-resident tuition is waived for active duty military personnel and their dependents stationed in Georgia (except military personnel assigned to this institution for educational purposes). These individuals will pay the Georgia resident tuition rate. Contact the Registrar’s office regarding procedures for military personnel and dependents seeking such waivers.

Other Charges

Admission Application Fees

  • Undergraduate Application Fee: $25.00
  • Graduate Application Fee: $30.00

The application fee must accompany initial application. Acceptance of the application fee does not constitute acceptance of the student to the university. 

Parking Decal

$50.00 annually, valid August 1 through July 31. Other options are available for multiple pass types. Housing residents do not pay for a Housing lot decal, but are limited to Housing parking lots only.

Navigate Armstrong Fee

Freshman Sessions

  • Student: $75.00
  • Family Member: $35.00

Transfer/Half Day Sessions

  • Student: $55.00

Late Registration Fee $54.00

A late registration fee is charged to all students who do not complete registration by the close of business during the regular registration period. Registration is completed by registering for class(es) and paying all fees due on your student account. Students who have completed registration during the regular registration period and subsequently add classes during late registration will not be charged a late registration fee. Students having checks for tuition returned for non-payment are charged the late registration fee. If a student receives financial aid, they must pay the balance of what they owe after the deducting of any amount of financial aid.  This includes students who receive the Hope Scholarship.  Please contact the Bursar’s Office if you need assistance. 

Late Payment Fee $54.00

A late payment fee will be added if a student's tuition, fees, meal plan and housing are not paid during the regular registration period.

Meal Plans

For meal plan options, please visit Armstrong’s Dining Services website.  The meal plan for students living on campus is charged on the student account.  If it is not utilized during the term, the student still owes the amount due. Commuter meal plans are paid for via Blackboard/Pirate Card. Plans are activated upon payment and can not be paid via Financial Aid disbursement. Cash/Check/Money Order/all major credit cards accepted. See Bursar to purchase or for more information.

Residential Life Fee

Activities sponsored by housing: $30.00.

Graduation Fee $63

This fee is payable by each candidate for graduation when the graduation application is submitted (two semesters prior to graduation).  If the candidate is receiving a second degree at the same graduation ceremonies, an additional $10 is due.  The full $63 is charged for the first degree awarded at a subsequent graduation ceremony.  A fee of $25 is charged for a replacement diploma. 

Exit Fee

  • Mathematics:$30. 
  • CJSPS: $27.

Lost Check Fee $26.00

Students who lose university checks will be charged a $26 replacement fee.

Lab/Other Fees

Students enrolled in certain courses are required to pay an additional fee. The following lists those departmental charges. Please consult individual departments as to which courses their fees apply. Students in multiple courses with fees will be charged for each course.

  • Art: $12/$15/$20/$25/$30/$35/$45/$60/$70
  • Biology: $40
  • Chemistry: $25, $40
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders: $75/$100
  • Computer Science: $30
  • Economics: $20
  • Educational Technology: $15 (N/A for 2015-2016)
  • Engineering: $50
  • English Communications: $10
  • Health Science: $10/$20/$25/$30
  • Information Technology: $30
  • Intramural Forfeit: $25
  • Language: $10
  • Math I,II: $5/$10
  • Math for Educators: $15
  • Medical Laboratory Science: $50
  • Music: $10
  • Nursing: $35
  • Nursing Lecture ATI: $45
  • Official Transcript: $5
  • P.E. Red Cross Certification: $10
  • P.E. Golf: $40
  • Physics: $40
  • Physical Therapy Anatomy: $75
  • Physical Therapy: $25
  • Psychology Lab: $25
  • Radiologic Science: $20/$25/$30/$35
  • Radiologic Senior Seminar: $50
  • Replacement Diploma: $25
  • Respiratory Therapy: $50
  • Respiratory SAE Test: $125
  • Theatre Video Production: $15
  • Tuition Deposit: $50

Music Fees

Applied music courses consist of one 25-minute private lesson per week (Music 1300) or a 50-minute private lesson per week (Music 1400, 2400, 3400, 4400). A special fee of $52 is charged for 25-minute lessons and $104 for 50-minute lessons.

Health Professions

Reserves a seat in appropriate health program, payable upon application to program. 

  • Medical Laboratory Science: $ 50.00
  • Radiologic Sciences: $ 100.00
  • Nursing: $175.00
  • Physical Therapy: $250.00

Teacher Education Practicum

Students admitted to teacher education programs in the College of Education are required to pay a $625.00 practicum fee (to be assessed with tuition).

Payment Deadlines

  • Summer 2015: Fri, June 5
  • Fall 2015: Fri, August 14
  • Spring 2016: Fri, January 8

Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines

(rolling enrollment, options vary)
  • Summer 2015: Mar 26, Apr 24, May 22, June 2
  • Fall 2015: July 24 & Aug 14 (available July 10)

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