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Bearings: News and Perspectives for Academic Affairs

Bearings: News & Perspectives for Academic Affairs

Celebrating Armstrong’s Teacher-Scholars

Jan 12, 2014, 07:44 pm - Carey Adams

Teacher-scholars are committed to high-quality undergraduate education, pursue an active program of research and scholarship, and are presumed to enliven and enrich their teaching and the student experience by incorporating insights from their own research into their instructional activities, student advising, and related work.  -- George D. Kuh, Daniel Chen, and Thomas F. Nelson Laird, Liberal Education, Fall 2007

We are pleased to recognize the following recipients of Armstrong's 2013-2014 competitive internal grants and 2014-2015 advanced academic leave:

The Arthur M. Gignilliat, Jr. Fellowship

Dr. Jeffry Secrest: Collaborative Research in Neutrino Physics.  Department: Chemistry and Physics. 

Research & Scholarship Grants

Ana Torres: Ecocriticism in Peruvian Amazonian Literature: An Indigenous Effort to Save a Way of Life. Department: Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

Christopher Baker: Satan’s Aspersions: Liturgical Parody in Paradise Lost, Book IX.  Department: Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

Jennifer Zettler: Using digital camera for studies in plant ecology and taxonomy. Department: Biology

Denene Lofland: Organic compounds from Spanish moss (Tillandisa Usneoides) as potential Green Antimicrobial Agents. Department: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Sciences

Karen Hollinger: Actress Studies: Meryl Streep. Department: Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

Felicity Turner: Slavery, Abolition, and Murdering Mothers, Politicizing Infanticide in the Nineteenth-century U.S. Department: History

Wendy Wolfe: A comparison of cognitive restructuring and gratitude-based interventions in changing body dissatisfaction and eating behaviors. Department: Psychology

Amy Potter: From the Far Ground to the Backyard, Barbuda’s shifting Agricultural Practices. Department: History

Dr. Kathryn Craven: Who’s your Daddy? The frequency of multiple paternities in Carolina Diamondback Terrapins. Department: Biology

Dr. Sarah Burroughs (and Dr. Denene Lofland): Design and Synthesis of Small Molecule Chalcone and Curcumin Analogs as Anti- Cancer and Anti-Bacterial Therapeutics. Department: Chemistry and Physics

Brent Feske: Green Chemistry: Enzymatic Synthesis of Amines. Department: Chemistry and Physics

Aaron Schrey: Next generation: sequencing-based study of introduced house sparrows. Department: Biology

Mitch Weiland: Identification of FAM5C Binding Partners. Department: Chemistry and Physics

Dr. Sara Plasphohl: Community Partnership to Promote Influenza Prevention and Academic Success among Elementary School Students. Department: Health Sciences

Sarah Gray: Development of sensors to measure inorganic carbon in inland and marine waters. Department: Chemistry and Physics

Jennifer Brofft Bailey: Microbial characterization of Loggerhead sea turtle eggs on Wassaw Island, GA. Department: Biology

Teaching and Learning Grants

Dr. Toni Franklin (and Dr. Anne Katz): Facilitating Program Design: Placing Literacy Assessment Training in Early Childhood and Special Education Programs of Study for Teacher Education Candidates. Department: Childhood and Exceptional Student Education

Ms. Sherry Warnock (and Dr. Kelly Rossler): Integration of High-Fidelity Human Patient Simulation into Nursing Education Curriculum. Department: Nursing

Sherry Serdikoff: Learning through Assessment: Enhancing Student Learning with Retrieval Practice Using the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique. Department: Psychology

Dr. Janet Buelow (and Ms. Debra Behringer): Development of a Patient Advocacy Course. Department: Health Sciences

Dr. Michael Tiemeyer: Flipping the Classroom & Supplemental Instruction. Department: Mathematics

Dr. Geneva DeMars: Expansion of the LEAPS program in Armstrong introductory Biology course. Department: Biology 

Advanced Academic Leave 2014-2015

Dr. Chris Baker: Research on Shakespeare’s Play, Cymberline, for Variorum Edition.  Department: Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

Dr. Katherine Bennett: Research and Evidence in the Court System: The Use of Social Science Research in U.S. Supreme Court Decisions from 1991 to 2008.  Department: Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science

Dr. Karen Hollinger: Biographical Films of Women.  Department: Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

Dr. June Hopkins: Winston Churchill and Harry Hopkins.  Department: History

Dr. Carol Jamison: The Role of Chivalry in Medieval Fabliau.  Department: Languages, Literature, and Philosophy