Nominations for 2014 Alumni Awards

(April 8, 2014) - In order to recognize alumni for outstanding achievements in their professions, in their communities, and in service to the University, we are combining the previous Alumni Awards and Notable Alumni programs into one tiered program of recognition. Nominations are open through May 23, 2014. The awards will be presented on October 10. Submit a nomination.


Notable Alumni – Notable Alumni is a lifelong honor; once a Notable, always a Notable. Being named a Notable qualifies you for consideration for the higher awards in every subsequent year.

Outstanding Alumni – Recognized particularly for service to the University, only one Outstanding Alumna or Alumnus is selected each year from the qualified (Notable Alumni) selected in that year and in previous years.

Distinguished Alumni – Recognized particularly for achievement in a profession or community service, only one Distinguished Alumna or Alumnus is selected each year from the qualified (Notable Alumni) selected in that year and in previous years.

Eminent Alumni – The Eminent Alumni Award is not awarded every year.  It is only awarded as needed, in cases of extreme merit.

An individual may potentially receive all four awards over the course of time.


All nominees must have attended Armstrong. Alumni may be nominated posthumously.

Criteria for Notables:  Nominees must meet at least one of these criteria.

  • Professional recognition by their employer/industry
  • Recognition for excellence in humanities or public service
  • Recognition for community service
  • Documented excellence in their work
  • Documented philanthropic activity
  • Documented volunteer/service activity
  • Documented service to Armstrong
  • Documented leadership activities

Criteria for Outstanding Alumni:

Documented service to the University that has resulted in improvements to enrollment, to the campus, to alumni engagement, to student life, to philanthropy by others, to athletics, to academics, to community recognition, or to any other area of the institution.

Criteria for Distinguished Alumni:

Documented excellence in professional, community, or public service over time
Recognized as a leader or exemplar in the profession and/or community

Criteria for Eminent Alumni:

Extraordinary and longstanding excellence in professional, community, or public service over time
Documented public recognition of excellence

Nomination & Selection:

(See a list of previous Honorees.) Nominations may be made by other alumni, faculty, staff, students, and Trustees.  Each college is strongly encouraged to submit nominations from among its alumni. All nominations are kept on file for consideration for three years. Only members of that year’s Selection Committee are not eligible in that year.

The Selection Committee shall include a total of 11 people comprised of six alumni (appointed by the Alumni Association Board of Directors) and five university personnel (one each appointed from each college and one from the Advancement Division). The Selection Committee may also select one honoree for the Outstanding Award and one of the Distinguished Award from among all previous and new Notable Alumni. The Selection Committee will also consider whether anyone merits the Eminent Award in that year.


All previous Notable, Outstanding, and Distinguished Alumni are invited to an annual awards ceremony for the induction of the new Notables and announcement of the other awards.  Each honoree is presented with a medal that can be worn at future Notable reunions and ceremonies as well as at University ceremonies like commencement. Lapel pins may also be presented to use for more ordinary occasions.

SUBMIT A NOMINATION. Deadline is May 23, 2014.