Job Hunters Group: Tips on Etiquette

(June 3, 2013) In Part 2 of our Job Hunters Group, Armstrong MBA recipient Jermaine Whirl ’10 shared his insights on Job Search Etiquette, including what you need to know about your future employers and how to appropriately set yourself apart.

The Job Hunters Group is free and open to all Armstrong alumni and students. All sessions are held 6-7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays at Armstrong Center. Upcoming topics include Applying to Federal Jobs on June 4, How Personality Affects Your Search on June 18, and Evaluating Opportunities on July 2. These sessions are led by alumni who are experts on these topics. To register for an upcoming session, click here.

Here are some of Whirl's tips:

• Clearly define and customize your job search. Match your skill set to the job description.
• Clearly customize your job search for individual firms.
• Stay away from generic cover letters and resume.
• Gather information on what’s going on within the industry; trends for growth or shrinkage
• Understand regional pay differences and cost of living while job searching.
• Set yourself apart from your competition with double major, additional credentials, appropriate networking
• Stay professional in all correspondences.
• Utilize memo format for emails!
• Read & Re-Read all correspondences before hitting the send button. (Spelling/Grammar Check)
• Use Ms., Mr. or Dr. only; unless you can confirm other titles: Captain, Professor, etc…
• Have an updated signature within your email (contact phone, email, linked-in website)
• Be careful of specific quotes (religious, political, etc…) in your signature
• Provide the information the employer has requested, e.g. cover letter, references, application, etc.
• Mention specific people, events, or other artifacts about the organization.
• Coach your references.

Perhaps even more importantly, Whirl offered a list of things to avoid doing during your job search:

• Don’t be a PEST!
• Don’t seem desperate.
• Don’t call; unless requested!
• Don’t send continuous emails!
• Don’t bribe interviewers
• Don’t over commit
• Don’t guarantee anything
• Don’t send additional materials unless requested

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